Mini Midwest Meet-up: Filofax style!

I tweeted a few days ago about how amazed I am that something as simple as a Filofax has sparked a worldwide connection. A connection between the genders. Between races. Between religions. A connection between strangers who have become friends.

As much as I love the worldwide Filofax community created by Philofaxy, it is still difficult to live smack dab in the middle of the Midwestern United States where 9.9 out of 10 people could care less about the planner we have all grown to be obsessed with love.

Enter Skhen, aka Sandra. After much tweeting and Philofaxy commenting, we finally realized that we live less than an hour apart! Even better, she has the Malden, the one Filo that I have been coveting over all others! It didn't take long for a Mini Midwest Meet-up to be in the works, after all we are all so organized!

Unfortunately for those of us in the US, Filo stores are hard to find. So we settled on Starbucks and a bookstore- just talking to another Filo-aficionado was enough for us! And, I got to TOUCH a crimson Malden! Can you tell I'm excited?!?

Of course, seeing the Malden did not make my decision any easier! I already know I want the Malden, I just can't decide between red and grey, as they are my two favorite colors. I was secretly hoping that I would hate the shade of red, but much to my dismay, it is BEAUTIFUL! No picture I have seen yet shows the color well. This one comes pretty close- it is a beautiful, almost burnt chili color. Absolutely stunning. Now I just have to decide if the grey is worth the wait!

Anyway, we had so much fun talking Filofax- even our Filos seemed to hit it off! (note the Gooseberry trying to photo-bomb the shot!)

In fact, we almost couldn't pull them apart...

And, some more detail on the beautiful Malden leather! I can't believe how beautiful the color was!

So, while I felt lame for bringing my battered Domino, Sandra thought I'd think she was crazy because she brought her whole collection! I was far from thinking she was crazy, although the other Starbucks patrons probably thought we had both lost it! Even more impressive is that Sandra has purchased almost all of these on eBay- where are these deals when I am looking for them?

This is almost all the Filos- I know there's at least an A5 pink Fins missing. All are Sandra's, save for my grey Domino. In order, they are: Mini Raspberry Fins, Pocket Red Domino, Pocket Slate Urban, Personal Gooseberry Domino, Personal Crimson Malden, Personal Slate Domino, and A5 Snake Domino. Pretty sure this is really when onlookers thought we needed to be committed!

Another bonus was the attendance of Miss Libby, Sandra's youngest. As you can tell, she already loves her Filos!

And another shot, just because I think it is adorable:

Sandra suggested "Starting them out young" as the caption for this shot, perhaps my favorite of the afternoon:

 The artist's final piece; I believe this is supposed to be me:

After Miss Libby decided she was done at Starbucks, we headed down to Barbara's Bookstore. Although they don't carry Filos, they did carry a few things I had to purchase!

I can't wait to read this book- it is a study on what it is like to be a dog, i.e. why they give kisses, what tail wags really mean, etc. It looks amazing; I'll be sure to review it once I'm finished. As a former veterinary nurse, I am pretty critical when it comes to animal books!

And finally, I couldn't stay away from the tea. This holiday blend was on sale, so we both ended up buying a tin. I'm sipping on some now, and I can say- it is very yummy!

This Mini Meet-up was so much fun! I am hoping we can schedule some more in the future, as I know there are a few other Midwestern Filofaxers out there! And now, by some miraculous timing, I get to start gearing up for the New York Meet-up! I have been ordered to be the official "Tweeter" so be sure to stay up to date May 14!

And as an added bonus, here is Miss Libby after all of her purchases were complete. Can you even imagine if this little lady had a credit card? Watch out world!

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