Fingers crossed

Well, I promised I wouldn't complain about life (mainly work) if I didn't plan on doing something about it. Today, in an effort to keep that promise, I did something about it.

It is no secret that I am unhappy with my job. You can read more about that here. Well, I didn't get the application in over the weekend, but I did re-apply with the "right up my alley" company today for another position they have available. Fingers crossed.

Really, even while writing this, I'm not too excited. Don't get me wrong, I am sure readers on the other side of the globe would hear me in my victory dance if I got this job. But I got too excited last time. Put all my eggs in one basket, as the cliche goes. So this time, I am working on my best stoic, composed self until I hear back. This is no easy task.

When I applied for the staff writer position, I secretly hoped I'd hear back the next day. It took over a month, during which time I lost confidence and probably a bit of my sanity. It didn't help that I hadn't looked at any other jobs- I sent in this one application, to one company, to test the job-hunting waters.

Lesson learned.

While I haven't sent any other applications out for the time being, I am looking. And recruiting friends to look. I mentioned that Bri is helping me, and now I have a friend helping me as well since she has a few connections that could prove beneficial. I don't know if any of them will get me anywhere, but at least I am trying.

And in the meantime I will wait. No plotting to quit my job, telling my coworkers where to shove it, or imaging my life free from the organization's grip. Instead, I will do my best to see the positives in my job, all the while knowing that someday (hopefully soon) I will get away.

Fingers crossed.