The debate continues

Well, you all voted. And I thank you for that. But, me being me, I simply can't accept the outcomes of the vote. I know, I've completely wasted your time and for that I am sorry.

I simply can't get around how much I don't like the Filofax Day Per Page pages. Don't get me wrong- their spaciousness is lovely. But they are completely unstructured, which just doesn't help keep me organized. And I won't even mention the horrendous paper quality. So, it's simple right? I was between Filofax DPP and DayTimer Day on 2 Pages. Or am I?

Well, now that the FF pages are out, can I simply call it quits and go with the DT pages? Of course not. And I (lovingly) blame Zoe for that. You see, Zoe does not merely accept the faults of an insert as a fact of life. Instead, she makes her inserts work for her, regardless of what the rules say. And I envy her ability to be such a rogue.

You see, Zoe uses a beautiful Franklin Covey daily in her Filo (for now, at least). Are they a half inch too wide? You bet. Has that stopped her? Nope. So that got me thinking- could I deal with the page size for the ideal layout?

I've decided to try. No, I didn't order them. I had some old FC dailies lying around so I've put half a year in the Malden with my current FF dailies. Here's my thought: if I can get used to them, and really like the layout, maybe I can deal with the page size difference if I keep my diary at the back of my Malden instead of the front. That way, even if my pages aren't all the same width, at least the smaller pages would all be in the front, keeping my obsessive compulsive brain happy.

Here are the FC's I'm looking into:

These pages seem ideal: They have some space for appointments (I don't need much) and plenty of space for notes and to-do lists (which I definitely need). But, of course we have the half inch too wide issue...

Here are the DayTimer Day on 2 Pages again:

Yep, these have plenty of space... but maybe too much. While I love the separation for to-do, notes and appointments, I worry that two whole pages is just too much real estate. Although I do have a lot to plan this year between my upcoming promotion and wedding, do I really need two pages? Part of me loves the idea of having my grocery lists, phone call notes, and all the details integrated right into my planner pages. The other part of me is having some difficulty coming to terms with the likelihood that I'll only be able to carry three months at a time.

What's a girl to do?

Lovely readers, will you please help me yet again? I know I threw your opinions out the window last time, and for that I am sorry. But I need you to think of all the reasons I should pick one or the other. So, if you would be so kind, please vote in the poll to the right, and feel free to add any additional comments, quips, thoughts, etc. in the comments!

You are all the best, and I promise this time I'll make a decision!

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