Malden in Manhattan

The following photos and dialogue may be disturbing to some readers! Please use caution when viewing

After weeks of hoping, Malden finally found a way to get to NYC. Manhattan, he had heard, was a place of promise, of hope. A place where dreams could come true. Malden was hoping it was a place he could find true love.

Arriving late to the hotel, Malden spent a few minutes getting ready for bed. He browsed a few favorite websites

Brushed his tabs

And crawled into bed for a good night's sleep

The next morning, he woke up early and started the day with a cup of coffee and some reading

After pulling out some maps, Malden decided to check out Manhattan. Even with a subway map, he got lost several times. After finally escaping the underground tunnels, Malden wandered into Bryant Park.

Sitting in front of the fountain, Malden wondered if love would ever find him. He had no idea that he as being watched (look closely, it's not the pigeon!)

Soon after, a rather bold New York Malden slid up a chair and struck up a conversation. "Are you here often?" NY Malden asked.

"Sure, sometimes," Malden responded, too shy to admit he was a newcomer to the city.

New York Malden didn't hesitate in asking Malden to join him at a table. Too intimidated and intrigued with NY Malden's handsomeness, he sheepishly nodded yes. They found a table and spent a few minutes over small talk. Malden managed to leave out the fact that he was flying back to Chicago in a few days time, not wanting to ruin the budding connection between them. "How much damage could it do," he thought. "Afterall, I doubt he'll even remember my name tomorrow."

But within a few minutes, their attraction became more than just winks and sheepish smiles. Before an hour had gone by, they were busy exploring each others inserts! And in public too!

Before he knew what was happening, Malden followed his new lover to a secluded patch of grass, and they explored each other down to the rings. Malden loved NY Malden's DO2P inserts, and NY Malden couldn't stay away from Malden's striking tabs :)

But far too soon, their tryst was over. "When can I see you again," NY Malden asked as they lay in the grass. It was the question Malden had been dreading. Knowing he could hold back no longer, he admitted that he flew home to Chicago in a few days time. "What?!?" exclaimed NY Malden. "How could you lie to me like that? This was the best afternoon of my life, and now you are just going to leave me? How could you?" And much to Malden's horror, he stormed away, leaving Malden in his wake.

Malden was torn. Part of him was so ashamed, he wanted to walk away. After all, it would be easy to go back to Chicago and forget all about Bryant Park. Or would it? It seemed that they had formed a connection that would not be easily forgotten. Malden realized he couldn't just let this chance at love slip away. "Wait!" he shouted, catching up with NY Malden and grabbing him by the clasp. "Please, can you at least say goodbye?"

"I don't even know if I can look at you," NY Malden said. The words stung Malden more than he could let on. "But didn't you feel that what we had was worth more than this?" was all he could manage to reply with. 

"I felt like we had something really special," NY Malden said simply. "But I don't see how we can make it work with the miles between us." 

"Filos do it all the time," Malden said encouragingly. "I am sure we can make it work- I know it is worth it. Come on, what do you think?"

"Well," NY Malden said. "I have never felt this way about anyone else." Hearing these words, Malden puffed his inserts with pride.

"But," NY Malden said, as Malden's heart sank. "Since I have never seen Chicago, I think we should meet there next!"

They laughed, as NY Malden put his clasp around Malden. The two began to discuss potential future meetings, while walking into the growing darkness at Bryant Park.

To Be Continued... someday....

A HUGE thank you to Kanalt for helping me with this story, and for not caring about the crazy looks we were getting in Bryant Park!

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