One Week In

They say time flies when you're having fun.

It also flies when you're moving, unpacking, job hunting and setting up utilities.

It's hard to believe we've been here a week. Well, technically a week and a day but we didn't stay here the first night since we got in so late.

Regardless, we've gotten a lot done!

Within one week, we packed a house, loaded a truck, unloaded a truck, and re-loaded a house.

Sometimes it's the little things, like getting the first kitchen cabinet set up! 

In addition to unpacking, we were able to get a little lawn care done. Little being the operative word - our new yard is tiny! 
My garden definitely won't be as big as last year, but I managed to get a tomato plant, a basil plant and some spinach in!

The sunset over the park next to our building has been a pretty awesome bonus as well.

You know you're nearly out of your twenties when new appliances are the highlight of your Friday night!

I'm still quite smitten with our new kitchen - there is an insane amount of counter space and our new oven turns out a perfect angel food cake! 
In the midst of all the boxes, I had to get started on some itty-bitty flip flops for a new baby in the family!

On top of the unpacking, Brian is getting into the routine of his new job. He's worked a few shifts this week and is really enjoying it so far. Now that we've got internet I'm back to the job hunt as well. I put in one new application this week and have a few people keeping their eyes open for opportunities. Brian says it's been a blessing in disguise that I've been out of work and able to set up the house, utilities, etc. But now that I'm nearing the end of unpacking, I'm starting to get antsy. I know I'll find something; I just hope it happens fast.

In the meantime, hopefully my temporary unemployment means more time spent on the blog!

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