Moving Week Update & A Quick Tip

Are you ready for this? We are actually AHEAD of schedule so far with our packing! So excited.

My goals for yesterday were to get the office packed, and get through my closet and clothes. I knew I had a lot to go through (you should see my donate pile) so I didn't plan to get much more done yesterday. Thankfully, though, while I was tackling those spots, Brian got the bathroom and living room packed! Unfortunately, boys don't seem to see the importance in blow dryers, so it looks like I'll be going out with wet hair the rest of the week since he packed mine at the bottom of a box. At least it's not the middle of winter!

I also discovered a new packing tip yesterday that I don't think I've shared before. This one is for any spot in your house that has a lot of small items on or in it, for me that was the curio cabinet I inherited from my mom.

I love this cabinet for it's history and ability to store a LOT of stuff. But I also remembered our move down here and how frustrating it was to try to get all the little items to fit on all the shelves. I had quite the game of antique-Tetris going on! So this time around, I decided to do what I should have done before the first move - I took a bunch of photos. First an overall photo of the entire case, then individual shots of each shelf.

This way, once we're in the new place I don't have to worry about figuring out what goes where. I'll just pull up the photos and get it done!

You all know I'm always game for more packing and moving tips - any new suggestions this time around?

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