It's Moving Week!

Moving week is here! It seems so surreal, mainly because these last few weeks have been a blur of getting Brian through his last semester, job and apartment hunting, traveling, family, and friends. But, Brian is done with school (yay) and I'm done with work (double yay) so this week our sole focus is packing and moving. And apparently blogging!

We're no strangers to the moving game, in fact, you can check out a bunch of packing and moving tips from our last move HERE. We also know that each move brings up some new challenges, so I'm sure we'll learn a bunch of new tips and tricks this time around.

In good news, we found a place! Thankfully, our new landlord seems pretty awesome, and was willing to do a FaceTime tour of the place so we didn't have to drive up this week to see it in person before moving. That alone saved us about 20 hours of driving time and a couple hundred dollars in gas money. We are a bit nervous about moving somewhere we haven't seen in person, but being able to see it during the video walkthrough made us comfortable enough to go for it.

Our plan is to drive up on Friday, which means we have today through Thursday to get everything else packed. Of course I started with a list! I seriously doubt we'll stick strictly to the schedule above, but it at least gives us a starting point and something to follow to make sure we get everything done. We are picking up the moving truck on Thursday, so our goal is to have everything packed and ready to load by Wednesday night. That way we can pick up the truck first thing Thursday morning, go grab a few items we have in storage at Brian's cousin's house, then head to our place and load everything else. We're hoping to leave first thing Friday morning - we'll see if we stay on track.

I'll hopefully be able to pop in occasionally this week with more updates and any tips we pick up along the way with this move!

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