Life Update: December 14, 2014

No excuses, just a statement: I have not had a day off since November 30. I’ll hopefully be posting more once life settles down a bit after the holidays, but for now I’ve got a quick Life Update for you all. 

The reason I’ve been working for 15 days straight. The great part? I LOVE it. I’m still working part time as the administrator at the church, and I’m now the event coordinator for the historic venue as well! Of course I took all this on right before the holidays, which means I’ve been working like mad to coordinate all the holiday parties that were booked before I started. I can’t wait for things to slow down a bit so I can catch up and get organized!

Home is a mess. Literally. We have been SO busy that I feel like I haven’t done anything to the house in weeks. With my work schedule and Brian’s semester winding down, it’s just been nuts. Then he got an out of town assignment - he’s been gone for a week. And on Friday we start our Christmas tour of the US - a quick trip to New Orleans before heading to Chicago for Christmas. Craziness. I’m just happy I got a few of our Christmas decorations up!

Has completely gone out the window, unless you count running around at work all day. I got in a quick swim early last week, but sadly that is about it. Along with blogging more, I really hope to get back on track with my running and fitness in the coming weeks. 

Finding crafting time has been another struggle. I’m chipping away at Christmas cards (they might go out in June the way I’m going) but not much else has been accomplished. I do need to get a quick wedding gift done this week - hopefully the new year brings with it some more time to get my craft on!

It’s funny - every time I think life couldn’t get any crazier, it somehow does. I think my biggest struggle right now is that I’ve jumped into two brand new positions with no time to get organized. Here’s to a calmer, more organized, and more fit Christmas and New Year!

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