California Dreaming

Well, life has happened again. Between work and life, I’ve vanished other than Photo Fridays. I truly am working on figuring out how to post regularly, but in the meantime I wanted to share some photos with you.

Brian and I recently had the opportunity and honor to travel to San Francisco to shoot wedding of some pretty amazing people we are lucky to call friends. Since we were already across the country, we took a few extra days and made our way down to just north of San Diego to visit my brother, Jeff. We hadn’t seen him in over two years (since our wedding) so it was really nice to get some quality time in with him. Plus, as you can see from the photos below, the surroundings weren’t too shabby either. 

Nearly a week in paradise was exactly what we needed to reset, relax, and reflect. I’ve come back to Kentucky with an adjusted set of priorities and a refreshed determination to change certain aspects of life. All of which I’ll hopefully be able to share with you soon. Until then, enjoy a bit of paradise!

We had a day to explore San Fran before the wedding, part of which we spent running across the Golden Gate Bridge!
Awesome succulents by the Golden Gate Bridge.

The wedding was beautiful and full of personality, complete with Best Dog, Warner!
Brian practicing surf pop-ups on the beach when we got down to San Diego. He rode a few waves!
The tide was mesmerizing!
It doesn't get much better than tacos on the beach!
Ok, fine, it does. Tacos on the beach at sunset!
If you ever get a chance, visit Torrey Pines - the views are incredible!
I can't help myself... these sunsets make it too easy.
Yet more fish tacos, this time from my brother's favorite taco shop.
Heading home... goodbye Pacific!

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