A Rocky Weekend Escape

And I mean rocky in the best possible sense, of course. I mean, come on, look at these beauties!

In all seriousness, Brian and I were thrilled to escape this past weekend - life has been a bit hectic with his classes wrapping up and me getting into the full swing of my job. So it was quite nice to make a little four hour drive to a beautiful climbing spot in northwest Georgia for a few days of climbing, hiking, and camping. 

I didn’t climb much since my shoulder has been acting up, but it was still fantastic to get away for the weekend. Few things in life make me happier than sleeping in a tent and cooking by a fire, so even with a bit of pain, I was a happy girl. Not to mention, Frankie came along with us for the first time this trip, and he did amazingly well. He even got his own little tent right next to ours!

We did a LOT of hiking, and he kept up the entire time, most of it he was even off leash. And for anyone who has actually met Frankie (or is aware of his amazing sense of selective hearing) this was quite the feat. He even turned into a little rock dog from time to time. 

It was most definitely a welcome break from life, especially as we’re gearing up toward finals week for Brian and an overall busy next few weeks for both of us. We have another trip planned in early June, so hopefully we can embrace these little escapes as we continue to throttle through our crazy life!

What were you up to this weekend?

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