From the Planner Archives: Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly {2009 & 2010}

Today is the last post in the Planner Archives series (unless I find more old planners, I suppose). Outside of my Filofax, this is probably the planner I used the longest - spanning from July of 2009 to November 2010. In fact, the only thing that stopped me from using this planner was the arrival of my first Filofax, the personal Domino.

This spiral bound planner from Blue Sky was the simplest of designs - it featured a basic plastic cover, full spiral binding, and a removable faux-leather cover. The inside, however, brought a pop of color with black floral and avocado green design. 

The planner ran from July to June, which was perfect for use during my last two years of college. 

Huge monthly spaces were perfect for tracking things like holidays, due dates, and birthdays. The weekly spaces weren’t huge, but still had plenty of room for my class times, work schedule, other events, and tasks.

The book also featured a yearly overview, quick reference information page, a few pages of contacts and notes, a commonly misspelled words page, weights and measures page, and a page of online study resources. This was definitely a planner geared toward students!

Regardless, these two bound books hold a lot of memories for me. I even found a page where I stamped my sister’s twin’s hands when they were only six weeks old!

Do you have your old planners? Have you found any amazing memories you would have otherwise never remembered?

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