Things I Like: The Anker Astro Mini

For Christmas, Brian received an awesome little gadget - the Anker Astro Mini. Not so secretly jealous, I shouldn’t have been surprised that he got one for me for my birthday!

Since Brian and I are on the go most of the time, our phones are essential. But with how much we use them, keeping them charged is always an issue. We both keep chargers in our car, though that doesn’t really help when we’re not driving. 

The Anker is a portable phone charger - it can hold enough charge to give a drained phone at least a full charge. Plus, it is pretty tiny and super light, making it easy to fit in my purse. Brian usually keeps his in his photo bag. One end has a USB port for your charger and also a mini USB port to recharge the device. 

Ours both came with a mini USB cord to charge the device, plus a carrying pouch. Brian also bought me a retractable iPhone 5 charger which miraculously also fits in the pouch. You can see how small all of it is - the pouch is number 8 in the photo below:

For an inexpensive little gadget, I love the sense of security that I have knowing this is in my purse! What do you have in your every day carry that gives you an added sense of security?

Pssst! Just to be clear, Brian and I both paid full price for our Anker Astro Minis - this post is completely my own opinion after receiving them as a paying customer!