The 30 Day Plank Challenge

I’m normally not a big “It’s a New Year, now it’s time to be healthy” person. I do my best to eat healthy year round and am a naturally active person. But I will admit fitness has always been my downfall. 

Though I do a lot of walking (not to mention that as a server I walk miles each night on the floor and regularly lift 20+ pounds) I’ve always had trouble keeping up with a fitness routine. When we lived in an apartment complex that had a gym, I used the elliptical and free weights fairly regularly. Until we moved. When we moved to Kentucky I started doing an hour of yoga every morning. Until I didn’t. 

Then I found the 30 Day Plank Challenge. There are a few key words in that phrase, mainly “30 day” and “challenge.” See, I’m a very competitive person, so if I feel like there is a challenge involved, I’m game. Of course, the 30 day commitment is also comforting, though I hope that if I enjoy this one, I’ll simply move on to others!

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I just started the challenge today, so I’m a long way off from seeing any results or finishing the 30 days. But so far, so good! 

To keep me on track, I’ve already written little reminders for the next 30 days in my Filofax (surprise)! I simply wrote “plank” in each day space followed by the number of seconds in parenthesis. Hopefully the determination to cross each day off will help me complete the challenge!

Have any of you completed the 30 Day Plank Challenge? What were your results? 

Pssst: I am in no way affiliated with the website above - I’m just excited to complete the challenge!

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