Using Organized Mum Inserts in my Filofax

As I promised in my 2014 set up video, I’m back today with another video that goes into a bit more detail on how I use the weekly and monthly Organized Mum pages along with a daily plan to make sure I accomplish as much as possible.

One thing I don’t think I covered very well in the video is my daily routine of using the system, which typically goes a bit like this:

When an appointment or event comes in, it goes on the weekly pages (and on the monthly pages if it is a significant, all day event). Any tasks specific to a certain week automatically go onto that weeks pages. 

Then, I use the half sheets with the checkmark stamp to sketch out a “routine” for each day. Typically each daily sheet is started the night before. The use throughout the day is this:

Morning: check today’s daily sheet, add any additional tasks from the weekly list, or anything that has come up. Note any appointments for the day.

Throughout day: complete tasks and appointments, marking them off on the daily sheet only. Also track water consumption. 

Evening: Review tasks, both completed and uncompleted, marking any completed tasks off the weekly sheets. Start a new sheet for tomorrow, transferring any incomplete tasks. Note anything of significance for tomorrow, i.e. major tasks or appointments. 

Hopefully between the above and the video below, the system will make a bit more sense. But of course if you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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