Things I Like: The Studio L2E Plan It Stamp Set

I'm a little late to jump on the Plan It stamp set bandwagon, but after hearing about them for months and months, I finally took the plunge. A Cyber Monday sale may have made the decision even easier!

Anyway, this stamp set is praised all over organization groups, so I went ahead and ordered myself a set. With the Cyber Monday sale, they were only $17 shipped, which didn't seem like a bad deal for how many stamps you get.

I forgot to get a photo of them before use, so of course now they're all stained looking. Oh well. There really are quite a few stamps included, and they are stored on a thick storage sheet along with a nice clear envelope.

The stamps are pretty easy to use if you're used to clear polymer stamps and so far all of the ones I've used have stamped very crisp and clear.

While I love that most of the stamps fit in the tiny month spaces of my Organized Mum inserts, I mainly wanted these to improve my "day flow" notes that I've incorporated into my system.

As much as I love the Hot List sheets from Day-Timer, they weren't perfect and are also a bit expensive to replace if I'm going through them daily. So I used my large clear block to layout a template that worked best for me.

I just used regular old copy paper cut down to size - I figure this way I can use up any scrap paper I have lying around the house. Hooray for recycling!

I used several of the stamps to have a To-Do list, date section, bulleted points, and the water intake monitor. The fun part is that I can change the color of the paper or the ink to whatever strikes me that day. But for now I just made a whole mess of these ones:

I keep a few sheets (probably enough for a week) tucked in the back of my Filofax, and another bunch in the passport holder I keep on my desk that holds additional planning supplies.

Originally, I used both the circles and lines checklist and the squares checklist stamps because I wanted to create a single template that I could just re-stamp, instead of having to go back and re-stamp a second time with the circles and lines (if that makes any sense, whatsoever). While it bothered me for a split second to have two different types of checklists going, I realized that they made a perfect separation for tasks that must be completed that day, and tasks I'd like to get done.

You can see a bit better what I mean in the photo above. Wrap gifts, laundry, pack, and clean fridge were all things that had to get done on that day, while texting Steph was something that I wanted to do, but could have waited. This system makes it nice and easy to not overwhelm myself with a long list of tasks that I feel I must get through in any given day.

I'm sure I'll come up with more uses for these stamps as time goes by, but for now I think they've been a great investment for my system!

Pssst! Just to be clear, I paid full price for these stamps - this post is completely my own opinion after receiving them as a paying customer!

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