DIY Cork Board Project

I’m notorious for keeping little odds and ends around the house, always thinking that I’ll find a new use for them. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. This time, I’m really glad it did. 

I’ve had these cork board squares lying around for quite a while. I think I may have had them hung up at one of my apartments, but I can’t even remember. I’ve been meaning to hang them for ages, but they are just a bit… plain. Nothing that a bit of fabric, plywood, and a staple gun couldn’t fix!

I had almost everything on hand, except for the fabric and plywood. Thankfully, I found a very inexpensive piece of fabric at Hobby Lobby, and a perfectly sized (12” by 24”) piece of craft plywood at Michaels. 

Assembly was pretty simple, I just applied wood glue to the back side of each cork board square and attached them to the plywood backing. 

After repeating the process with the other square, I allowed them to cure overnight. The next day I was left with a sturdy, albeit still boring, starting point. 

So I took my fabric and laid it patterned side down, laying the cork board down on top of it. Starting on one side, I used a staple gun all along the edge, followed by a hammer to make sure none of the staples were sticking out. 

The process was repeated on the opposite edge, making sure I pulled the fabric taught over the board. Then I repeated it on the other two sides, folding the corners the same as you would a gift!

Et voila!

I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s still fully functional, just a bit more charming. And the colors go really well with the modern-meets-vintage feel I’m going for in my office. It’s been a work in progress, but I’ll definitely be doing a post on that as well… someday. 

For now I’m just enjoying this simple little update - though I already have ideas on improving it even further. We’ll see what I decide!

Fortunately, this update hardly broke the bank. As I mentioned above, I only had to spend some dough on the fabric and plywood.

For under $10, I’m pretty happy. Plus, for under $5, I can always change out the fabric if this one starts looking ratty or I simply change my taste. 

Has anyone else completed an affordable DIY project recently that just made you want to gaze at it and smile?

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