This May Be Becoming an Obsession...

Guys, I'm at it again. I think I may be addicted to yarn wreaths. Remember this one I shared last week?

Well, once I found this adorable pattern for a Halloween inspired yarn wreath, I just couldn't resist. So the "P wreath" as I lovingly call it has been moved aside until after All Hallows Eve for this guy:

How cute is that? I couldn't resist the idea of adding another little wreath to my collection. And although this one isn't quite as versatile as my last, it's still really darn adorable.

I did make a few changes from the original pattern, mainly because I am one of those people who half follows a pattern and half makes it up as I go. Here are a few of my changes:
Other than that, I pretty much followed the rest! I do personally love how my one little orange flower creates a pop of color and since I used a chunky weight yarn on the grey flower, a bit of texture is added.  

I just can't help it - these things are so fun and easy to make. The other awesome thing is how simple these would be to make even if you don't crochet - this wreath could easily be done with a few fabric flowers and a fake spider... there are so many possibilities.

Are you all ready for Halloween? I'm not going to lie, most of my decorations never made it out of our crawlspace this year. We've been way too busy, not to mention Brian has been out of town quite a bit and I refuse to go in the crawlspace by myself! So this little web-dweller is pretty much our only decor this year.

How about you? Is your house full of scary bats and creepy rats, or did the holiday sneak up on you as fast as it did me? Hopefully I get my act together before Christmas!

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