Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Partially because we celebrate it right in the middle of fall (my favorite season) but also because it brings back the most memories of my dad.

My dad shared with me all of the magic that surrounds Halloween. From the smell of a pillowcase filled with candy to only knocking on the doors of homes with their lights on, he taught me all of the details of the perfect All Hallows Eve.

Most importantly, he was a wizard at creating any costume I could dream of. From a witch (that's me above) to a raccoon, to a firefighter or a monarch butterfly - nothing was off limits for his creativity. And while my little-kid self really only could comprehend the awesomeness of being able to be anything I wanted, looking back as an adult at my dad's intentions, maybe that's exactly what he was trying to teach me. That with a little hard work and creativity, we can be anything we want to be.

So, on this blustery Halloween day, I hope that whether it is your costume or your path in life, you expend a little energy and creativity in becoming exactly what it is you want to be.

Happy Halloween!

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