How Did We End Up Here?

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend! The holiday weekend was crazy with a quick trip home so that Brian could shoot two weddings. I spent most of the drive studying for my new job, which I start tonight.

Yep. I have a new job. As a waitress. Don't get me wrong - I was a waitress and bartender through college and actually loved the fast paced, energetic work. I'm just having a moment of self pity for the fact that I'm a college educated woman heading back into the world of waiting tables. With a college student for a husband. How on earth did this become our life?

On one hand, I'm proud that I am supporting my little family in any way I have to. Plus, this will hopefully only be temporary. I'm still waiting to hear back on another position I applied for - a job I really, really want. But they were very honest with me and said the hiring process could take 2-3 months. Unfortunately, our bills weren't exactly cool with waiting patiently for that to happen.

So I'm back to serving. I truly am excited about getting back into a fast paced job - that was my one big gripe with a desk job. And since I love working with people, serving is right up my alley. I'm just not looking forward to the schedule - I gratefully found work at a place that is closed Sundays (so I'm guaranteed at least one day off), but the late night business isn't really up my alley. And with Brian's class schedule, there will be days (like today) where we likely won't see each other except for the 10 minutes when we get up in the morning before he goes to class, and the 10 minutes when I get home at night before we go to bed. Oh well.

Like I said, hopefully this is temporary. In my perfect world, I'll get the other job that's in my career field, but possibly still keep this job as a side thing a few nights a week. Since Brian's program at school is incredibly intense, he'll only be able to work part time, so I'll be picking up a lot more slack. Which makes me happy, since he, without any hesitation, helped support me our first few years of living together.

Welcome to a little glimpse inside of my crazy brain. Proud, frustrated, happy, eager, confused. Ecstatic to get out of the house and earn a paycheck after a month of unemployment, nervous for the "You're a college graduate, what are you doing waiting tables?" comments.

This really is The Crazy Life.