A Quick Hello & a Moving Tip

Happy Thursday! Did you note the happy, cheerful greeting? That's because I'm trying to remain positive after waking up to our first morning in our new house, which happens to be a disaster at this point. Boo. 

We had wanted to get in and clean the house before bringing all of our stuff in, but about 10 minutes after we arrived and picked up the keys, a few cousins and an aunt and uncle appeared to help us unpack our HUGE truck. Since we will never turn down help unpacking, we are now left to clean around about a bajillion boxes. Such is life. 

While I'm cleaning and unpacking, I figure I'd share one of my most simple and important moving tips: ALWAYS put a roll of toilet paper somewhere easily accessible in one of your cars. Always. Because every single time I've moved, I somehow have to pee super bad as soon as we arrive. And every time we've moved, I run into our new bathroom to find this:

Not fun. So this time around, I tucked a roll of tp under the front seat of my car, making for a quick grab and dash as soon as we arrived! 

What are your favorite moving or unpacking tips? I could use a few new ones right now!