Photo Friday #14

As much as I wanted to plant a huge garden this year, Brian and I resisted since we knew we probably wouldn't be in our house past August. Instead, I bought a few potted basil plants and tried to call it a day. But then I saw a little Costa Rican sweet pepper plant while wandering the garden store and called it fate. After visiting Costa Rica for our honeymoon, Brian and I have loved finding all things Costa Rica. So I brought this little plant home and have been waiting patiently for some peppers to pop up. It took a while, but yesterday I FINALLY saw a few little baby peppers that had sprouted from the plant's flowers. They are seriously tiny - about the size of a pad of a finger - but they are there!

It's only a tiny bit of gardening for our crazy life this year, but the thought of eating something I grew this summer is so very exciting!

Do any of you have produce popping up in your gardens?

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