Gratitude Every Day: May 2013

Well, it looks like our exciting possibility I mentioned on Friday isn't quite going to happen yet (insert sad face) but I'll update you all more on that later today.

For those of you just joining in on this monthly feature, here's how it works: every day, one little line in my planner starts with the three words above. I am grateful. I can't remember when I started doing this, but it has evolved into a fun and rewarding little habit. Every day, I list one thing I am grateful for, whether it be serious, silly, or stupid. You can look back at previous months here.

While I really only do this for myself as a reminder of all of the things I have to be grateful for, I figured it would be a fun little monthly post to review my favorite five entries each month. Here's what I've got for May... 
May 5: I am grateful that I got over my fears and went to a church this morning!

May 12: I am grateful that I had an incredible mom for 22 years.

May 15: I am grateful that I own a MOTORCYCLE!

May 20: I am grateful that I saved enough to pay over half my credit card balance :)

May 30: I am grateful that no matter what, Brian and I have each other.

What are you grateful for today?