See this motorcycle?

I kinda bought it yesterday. Crazy, I know.

It all started when Brian got his bike back in October. He found a 1980 Kawasaki KZ750 and has been working on it over the winter.

He still has more he wants to do, but it's looking pretty good. And as much as I love riding on the back, I kinda wanted my own. So we started browsing. I can't say looking, as it wasn't necessarily an active thing. But we would peruse Craigslist ads every once in a while. And then, on Monday, I got an email from Bri with the subject line: "I found you a bike."

I clicked the Craigslist ad link and was taken to the exact bike I would pick if I had my choice. He is a 1974 Honda CL125S. And he's itty bitty, which is perfect for me being vertically challenged!

Even better, the guy selling it ended up dropping it to 80% off his original asking price, since it was in worse condition than we expected and he doesn't have the title. But for $100, I'm willing to go through the process to get the title, and the work to get this bike back to where it was in the 70s. And it doesn't matter that it doesn't run yet considering I don't know how to ride anyways!

Seriously, look how tiny he looks next to Brian's bike! I totally love it :)

So, here's a new venture in this crazy life. Stay tuned, I'm sure there are many posts to come on revamping, rust removing, and retitling!

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