Photo Friday #9: A Workday Rescue

Some days, I miss working with animals. As a former veterinary nurse who was going to someday be a veterinarian, a desk job hasn't been easy to get used to. Thanks to the little guy above, I got taste of my so-called previous life.

While walking into work this morning, I noticed this guy sitting stunned next to a window. It's migration season, so this little warbler no doubt crashed into this window somewhere along his journey. I carefully moved him into this spot under a bush, and went in to work.

And thought about him for the next few hours. I know Darwin wouldn't approve, but I couldn't help it. Thankfully, after posting a photo of him on my Instagram and Facebook, a friend of mine mentioned the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors. They are a non profit volunteer project under the Chicago Audubon Society. One phone call later, and a bird rescuer was on the way! They drove up to my office and picked up the injured bird, and now he will be taken to a wildlife center for some monitoring before he's released back into the wild. How is that for a feel good story?

I had never heard of the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, but think it's a pretty awesome organization in a city filled with windows. If you want to read more about them and the work they do, you can click here. If you just so happen to be in Chicago and see a wounded bird, they have a bird pick up hotline that can be reached at 773.988.1867.

What a cool organization! Have any of you heard of groups like these?