Rain, rain, and more rain. That's pretty much the standard for today. After waking up at my usual 6:30 and making several attempts to get to work, I gave up and decided to work from home. Not only is my basement flooded, but the road I take to the train station is under water. Not to mention that the train station itself is flooded. Oh, and I could drive, but the highway I would need to take is underwater. I can be pretty stubborn sometimes, but these were some pretty blatant signs that I should stay in my home office!

I haven't seen rain like this for quite a while. Working for the local paper, Brian is out covering the storms- the flood damage is incredible. Even though our basement is flooded, we are grateful that it is only a small amount of water. Once the rain stops, we'll mop it up and put in a few dehumidifiers. So many people have way worse damage - you have to count your blessings.

So, it looks like today will be a day of sipping tea and getting as much work done from home as I can while adding in the dishes and maybe a few loads of laundry. At least working from home allows me to get a few chores done!

Not to mention, there is one "person" who doesn't mind the rain - Frankie has pretty much taken up residence on my lap while I'm working. Talk about making the best out of a situation :)

I'm hoping you are all warm and dry, wherever you are!