Recipe of the Week: Healthy Homemade Ice Cream

This week, I've got what has to be my easiest and healthiest recipe to date. Are you ready?

Here's the ONE ingredient you need:

And yes, I said ice cream in the title. And no, I didn't believe it either. But you can make incredible (and healthy) home made ice cream with nothing other than a banana and a food processor. (I totally sound like a salesperson, but I have no shame. This really is that amazing)!

Here's what you need to do:

1. Peel your bananas, cut into coins/disks, and lay out in a single layer on a plate. I use foil so the bananas are easier to peel off and there's one less dish in the sink! Freeze for one to two hours.

2. Pull the bananas from the freezer and add to your food processor bowl. You can use a blender, you'll just have to scrape them down a lot more. I use the small bowl of my Ninja.

3. Blend. I shit you not, this is all you have to do. It does take a bit, and you'll have to scrape down the bowl a few times. About halfway through, your bananas will look like this:

Just keep blending and scraping, blending and scraping. Because a bit later, you'll have this in your bowl:

This bit of food science is credited to the amount of pectin found in a banana, but all I know is that it is amazing! And with a banana as the only ingredient, I'm pretty sure this is about as guilt free as you can get. With one banana, you have a cold, soft-serve-esque confection.

Now, I know I said one ingredient, but imagine all of the places this one ingredient could lead. So far, I've played around with adding peanut butter, chocolate chips, and my beloved Nutella, all creating amazing results.

I've also heard that you can make bigger batches and refreeze it, but I've always scarfed each fresh batch so I've never had the chance to test that theory. I'm sure it would work though, if you have the patience.

Hmmm, now if only I could fast forward the next few hours of work so I could go make another batch!

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