Month in Review: February 2013 Whirlwind

Well, this is a feature I meant to start at the beginning of the year... these excuses seem to be commonplace here on my blog lately.

Anywhoo, since I typically have quite a few blog posts during the month, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of each month as told on the blog within the first few days of the following month. Of course, since  I was absent from the blog for the majority of February, most of these little updates will be brand new to you all. Hopefully in the future, these monthly posts will serve as more of a review of what I see as the highlights of the month.

And of course, being married to a photographer and all, I'll mainly let the photos do the talking. Let's look at February:

I started the month off with my 26th birthday. Even though we had agreed to no presents (since we had splurged a bit on Christmas) Brian decided to get me an "us" present in the form of Chicago Blackhawks tickets since I had never been to a game. Ignore the fact that they say the game is for October- they were purchased from a season ticket holder and after the hockey lockout, all of the tickets were redistributed. Long story short, our tickets were for February 12!

But before I could say I'd seen a hockey game from closer than a TV screen, we had some more celebrating to do. The weekend after my birthday, we celebrated Pop's 85th birthday. Pop is Brian's grandpa- he had a blast partying with all of his friends and family.

Then it was hockey time! I didn't take too many pictures during the game- I was way too busy paying attention. Unfortunately, the Hawks lost in overtime, but with their incredible record this year, I could hardly be upset. It was an incredible experience that I hope to repeat in the future!

A bit random (pretty much describes me) but I had to include my long awaited purchase of my first real pair of Ray Bans for this month. After wanting them forever, I finally combined some birthday giftcards/cash and splurged on a pair of Wayfarers. I'm so glad I did- these things are amazing!

Another purchase this month was for a mix of personal and business use. I've had my eye on these Cricut cutters forever, but with the price tag they normally carry, I knew I'd never be able to get one. So when I wandered into JoAnn Fabrics for a skein of yarn and saw this, I was amazed! If you can't read the original price, it says $199.99! Not only has this thing been amazing for creating personal cards, etc. but since I plan on launching my Etsy site soon with a bunch of handcrafted items, this little thing will be awesome!

We managed to get away for one weekend in February- work and personal commitments had otherwise kept us swamped. But after I hadn't seen Brian for almost a week due to a personal trip followed by a work trip, we snuck away to his parent's summer house. Where we spent most of the weekend looking like the photo above. On a positive note, I got a lot of crocheting done!

Most of February, unfortunately, was spent digging through boxes like the one above. Outside of work commitments, this is the biggest factor that has kept me from blogging. Since my stepdad is selling the house we grew up in, I've been spending as much time as possible going over there and sorting through box after box to determine what we want to keep and what is being donated/sold/thrown out. A combination of having lived there for about 15 years and the fact that I'm one of the only siblings that live nearby has made it quite the process for Brian and I. And while it has been both physically and emotionally draining, I am happy that I have gotten a chance to remember and let go of so many things from my childhood, as well as my mom's life. There is still quite a bit to go through, but we've made a ton of progress before the deadline at the end of March. Not to mention finding gems like this old photograph:

Ironically enough, I just returned to that haircut in December, so not much has changed. Except maybe that my taste in sweaters has improved somewhat.

Here's to hoping that March slows down just a smidge- or at least enough to allow for some crafting and blogging. I'm starting to think that Frankie has the right idea on how to spend his days...

How about you? Was your February nuts? Or did the insanity of the holiday season finally slow down?

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