Ok, yeah. I shouldn't be so excited about this. Most of my friends and family think I'm nuts. But yesterday when I left work, I was greeted by this:

And when I just looked out my office window, I saw this:

I know that it is just snow. In January. In Chicago. Which would be completely normal, and I may even complain any other year, but this year is different. We have had no measurable snow this year. None. There was a five-minute blizzard a few weeks ago, but everything melted by the time it hit the ground. Lame.

So I'm excited. I was born and raised in Chicago- I am used to lots of snow and freezing, windy winter days. And I would typically never post traditional "weather updates" since in Chicago, you know it is cold and snowy in the winter.

Except this year.

Which is why, despite the bewildered looks on the faces of my friends and family, I will continue to be little-kid-after-too-much-sugar-cereal excited about the fluffy white snow falling outside my office window.

Let's just hope that this time, it sticks!