Are Christmas Cards a Thing of the Past?

When I was a kid, my mom would hand write dozens of Christmas cards, and holiday cards to those friends who celebrated another holiday. And as the season progressed, the doorway between our kitchen and dining room quickly filled with tacked-on cards from friends and relatives across the country. Checking the mail was exciting, almost as exciting as finding a smidge of blank space on the wall to stick up yet another warm wish for a happy holiday season.

This year, I have two cards sitting on my China cabinet. Now, I know it is still early in the season (and I don't even have my own cards sent out) so I am sure that a few more will trickle in. But what is more surprising to me is how many of my family and friends have flat out said that they weren't sending them this year. Granted, I am a traditionalist, down to making my own cards and having my "to send to" list hand written in my Filofax, but still. I can't help but wonder what is ending a long standing holiday tradition. Is it lack of time? No extra money for cards and postage? Apathy?

Regardless of my lack of time and money, I will definitely be dropping my cards in the mail the next few days. I'm only sending about 30, but it is still a tradition that gets me into the holiday spirit and makes me feel good, even if I'm writing them at midnight. To me, Christmas cards are an essential part of the holidays, and a big part of me still feels like my five year old self every time I open the mailbox and see a non-bill shaped, handwritten envelope. Hopefully I can instill the same feeling in a few others this year.

Do you still write Christmas (or holiday) cards? Did you use to, but don't anymore? I'm definitely not judging since I completely understand there are greater demands in life, but I'm curious- feel free to share in the comments!

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