Wedding Week: 7 days

One week from now, I'll have already said 'I do', have already cut my cake and enjoyed my wedding dinner. One week from this moment, I'll be preparing to have my first dance with my husband- I can't believe it is so soon!

Since you all have been putting up with my wedding ramblings for so long, I wanted to include you in on this final week of wedding planning insanity. I can't promise I'll keep up with it, but my goal is to do a daily post this week of what we've accomplished that day. Friday was my last day at work, so the week ahead is geared toward full time planning mode!

I'm going to start with something I didn't technically pick up this weekend- I got it on Thursday. But I'm pretty excited about it, so I figured I'd share anyway. I mean, how cool is this?

It was definitely a splurge, but now I'm so glad I did it. I mean, I spent a bunch of money on the dress, so shouldn't it be displayed on an awesome hanger?

Anyway, on to today's accomplishments. Because my groom-to-be is on his weekend long bachelor party, I tried to get some stuff done today that he couldn't or didn't need to be around for. It worked out well, since he hates to see our living room looking like this:

It's chaos, but it's organized chaos, I promise. See Mr. Malden sitting on the couch keeping me on track? Of course, Frankie looks disinterested as always, but that's not out of the norm.

So, today I accomplished:

1. I wrapped all of my bridesmaid's gifts, plus gifts for the flower girl, officiant and my gifts to Brian.
2. I wrote notes to each person, thanking them for everything they've done.
3. I ordered our second keg of beer since they didn't have the one we originally wanted... hey, it's not all glamorous!
4. I worked on my vows and after a few tweaks they should be done.
5. I'm working on the escort cards, now that we have the seating chart finalized. I'm hoping to have these done tonight so I can attach them to the mason jars tomorrow.

It doesn't seem like a lot looking back, but getting the little things out of the way now will help us get more accomplished this week. Plus, vow writing takes a long time- and I'm a writer!

Tomorrow's big tasks will be to finish the escort card assembly, and work on the tie for the ring bearer. Brian comes home tomorrow night, so we'll be able to start working on a lot of the joint projects we need to get done.

It's going to be a busy week, but we'll get there! Stay tuned, I'll be back tomorrow with more :)

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