Wedding Week: 6 days

Oops, I've failed on wedding week already... I forgot yesterday's post. But, Brian came home last night, so I was a bit distracted- I know you'll forgive me :)

So, let's pretend we still have six days left instead of five, and here's what I got done yesterday:

Cookies? Yeah, ok, cookies have nothing to do with the wedding. But I baked them. And they were delicious.

Moving on.

That looks a bit more wedding-y. My first task yesterday was a tie swap- because our flower girl is wearing orange, we wanted our ring bearer to have an orange tie. Which proved harder to find for a four-year-old than we had planned. Brian's aunt, aka the grandmother of the ring bearer, was able to find a cute striped clip on tie, but also found an adult's tie in orange. And since I'm known as the crafty one of the family, it was brought to me for, erm, surgery. It took me a while, but I was able to cut the clip on mechanism from the old tie, and with a bit of double sided fabric tape and good old thread, his new orange skinny tie will be ready for Saturday!

We got a few more things done, but they definitely weren't as exciting:

1. Confirmed the tent delivery time. We are pretty excited, they initially told us it could be any time Wednesday or Thursday, so we're pretty thrilled that they are arriving between 8 and 10 a.m. on Wednesday- that will give us plenty of time for all of our decorating!

2. But now we're hoping we don't have a set-up traffic jam, as we also confirmed with our portable bathroom people that they will be delivering between 7 and 10 a.m. on Wednesday. Their set up should be a bit easier, so I don't think it will be a problem, but leave it to us to have both companies give the same delivery window- Wednesday should be interesting!

3. I started tying the seating cards on the mason jars before Brian got home, and being the awesome fiance he is, he helped me tie the rest on. So now all we need to do with those is put them in alphabetical order and put them out on the wedding day.

Now that Brian is home, we'll be focusing on all of the things we need to do together, whether it physically requires two people, or if we just need both of us present for decision making.

I'll be back again tonight with an update of today's activities- hopefully I don't forget again!