Wedding Week: 5 days

Now that we are officially getting married THIS week, we've entered full on crunch time for wedding to-dos. It's going to be a crazy few days, but I'm looking forward to it!

Today we ran a lot of errands, since Brian has to work tomorrow and Wednesday is the big delivery day for the tent, etc. We started off at the grocery store where we purchased all of our soft drinks and mixers for the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

We ended up buying 30 two-liter bottles of soda (coke, diet coke, and sprite), 8 two-liter bottles of soda water, 8 one-liter bottles of tonic water, three cranberry juices and three lime juices. Hopefully that will be enough, but if we are running low, we already have a designated runner who will head to the store if we need anything more throughout the night.

After Meijer, we stopped at a local restaurant supply store and got the plastic cups, dessert forks, and treat bags that we'll need the day of. We priced them out at the same online place where we purchased our dinner silverware, but it turned out to be more cost effective to buy locally.

After shopping, we stopped at Brian's parent's house to drop off most of the soda and discuss a few more wedding questions.

Like me, Brian's mom is a pen and paper girl, and has a new list of questions for us every time we come over!

Once we got home, we focused on cleaning and organizing the basement, since it has been the last place to get much attention since moving in. Not exactly wedding related, but we did reassemble our wedding pile, which will be moved to Brian's parent's house later this week.

And since the rehearsal dinner will be in our backyard, we also wanted to make sure that the basement and built in bar were clean in case guest wander inside. My biggest goal was to clean and polish the awesome brass foot rest on the bar that looks like it hadn't been cleaned in over a decade. Of course in my excitement, I forgot to take a picture until halfway through, but oh well.

You can pretty easily tell that the front half is the part I started with, but it's a bit hard to tell from here how big of a difference a little bit of Barkeeper's Friend and some elbow grease can make. Let's see if this helps...

Can you tell which half I got at first? Like I said, not exactly wedding related, but I was pretty friggen excited that I got it this clean. Plus, since our new place will pretty much be debuted at our rehearsal dinner, it has to look it's best!

It's now 10 p.m., so tasks are winding down a bit. But, I think we're still going to work on table names and the note we're leaving in all the mailboxes in his neighborhood so people are aware of the wedding. I'm getting pretty tired, but hopefully we get a few more things done before passing out!

Tomorrow will be a big day, full of picking up my dress, applying for our marriage license and a mini spa session with my sister. I'll be back tomorrow night to let you know what we got done!