Wedding Week: 4 days

Today might not have been our most productive day if only counting the number of tasks accomplished, but we did get one pretty essential task out of the way...

Yep, we officially got our marriage license! Even though we've put a ton of effort into the planning, if we didn't go get this little guy, our wedding technically wouldn't be a wedding at all. Needless to say, we're pretty happy to have it out of the way. Not that we were worried about being denied or anything, but at least now we know we can legally tie the knot.

I was also supposed to pick up my dress today, but after a little date mix-up, we rescheduled the pick up for tomorrow. Let's hope they keep their promise and it is done on time.

After the few errands, I headed to the city to my sister's work, where she did my lashes and brows (she's an esthetician). She'll also be doing my make up on the wedding day, so she wanted to be sure I was all prepped and ready to go!

When I got home, our photographer came by to pick up some camera gear and finalize a few wedding details. Since he's also a friend, the meeting turned into a hang out session, with him just leaving a bit ago. Meaning we didn't quite get as much done tonight as we hoped, but it'll work.

We've started to get some of the wicked storms that have been predicted for our area tonight, so let's hope they don't affect the tent installation tomorrow morning- fingers crossed! Our plan is to get a lot of the small details done tomorrow at Brian's parent's, so we can be there if the set up crews have any questions. If all goes to plan, I'll have more details and more photos for you tomorrow- for now I'm off to bed!