Wedding Week: 3 Days

We are exhausted. Today was probably the busiest day of wedding prep yet. It started first thing this morning with the delivery of our "upscale" portable bathrooms. Seriously, these things are pretty cool.

The women's side even has three separate stalls!

We also painted a bunch of our signs that are made from reclaimed barnwood...

And got the tent nearly set up!

In addition to all the above, we also got the tent almost all the way lit with all the Christmas lights we bought, designed all of our table names and other printed material, picked up my dress, ordered cocktail hour appetizers, confirmed deliveries and sorted out reception parking.

Whew. Tomorrow will be just as crazy, not to mention tomorrow is the day where many of our out of town guests start arriving, which will undoubtedly add to the craziness. But I've got to admit, as exhausted as we are, this week has been a ton of fun!

After being up almost 20 hours, we're off to bed. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with a few more ticks on our to-do list!