Weekend Wrapup No. 2

Whoops. Usually between two weekend wrap up posts, there is a week full of posts as well. Except when you can't pause long enough to come up with a title for a blog post, let alone write one! Oh well, no more excuses. This week is my last week of work before I take time off for the final wedding preparations, wedding and honeymoon, so I'm hoping that I have a bit more time to keep you all in the know, even if it is just a quick photo-and-caption sort of detail. I have so many posts, especially wedding posts that I want to share with you, including our custom save the dates and invites, but I just haven't had time to put it all together!

Regardless, this weekend was another crazy one. Even though Thursday isn't technically the weekend, I'm going to start there because it is the day we got a pretty big item checked off of our list: we finalized all of our wedding music. We definitely want our DJ to have the freedom to play whatever keeps the crowd going, but we did still need to provide him with any essential songs and what we wanted played during all of those special moments... you know, first dance, bride's entrance, etc. It is a huge relief to have all of that done!

I also had to include Thursday, because I made another awesome recipe find, and dinner looked like this:

Holy yum, was it tasty. It's just a simple shrimp linguine with spinach and lemon, so I don't know if it was our new bowls or our new patio table, but it was definitely delicious.

Friday was a very productive, albeit very expensive, day. We made our final payments to three important vendors: the caterer, the tent rental company and the DJ. Again, we could have made those payments at the last minute, but it was really nice to just get them out of the way. Now we just have to finalize with our florist, baker and the company delivering our fancy outdoor bathrooms. Oh, the joys of a backyard wedding!

After work on Friday, I was on a mission to find my dress for my bachelorette party- a bit last minute since the party was on Saturday. But, I was very successful and not only found a dress, but also got Brian's wedding gifts. He never reads the blog, but I'll have to stay mum since with my luck today would be the one day he'd come over to see what was going on.

Saturday was the bachelorette party, and of course I won't go into many details except to say that it was amazing! The night started out with us having our room upgraded for free to the...

With views like this, how can the night be anything but awesome?

It really was a fun night, and I am so thankful to my awesome friends for putting it together. They are the best.

After I got back home Sunday, my sister and I had a quick lunch before Brian and I headed out to turn in our keys at our old apartment. As excited as I am about the new house, it was a bit sad to close the door for the final time on our first place together. Fortunately, we have a lot planned to make the new house as homey as possible, so it is easy to look forward, not back! But we definitely have a lot of awesome memories from 1644.

After handing in the keys, we headed over to the mall, where we FINALLY found Brian a wedding band! The boy doesn't wear jewelry, so he's had a really difficult time finding a band that he likes. You should have seen the jewelers face when we said we needed something for our wedding in 13 days. But, he found a very simple, yet timeless band that we both love.

We ended the weekend with dinner with Brian's parents at our new place, which of course meant much discussion on final wedding details. I don't know what we're going to talk about after September 8!

So, it was another crazy busy (but productive) weekend over here for us. Honestly, I think those are the best kind of weekends. What do you think? Do you like jam packed weekends, or do you prefer time on the couch? Maybe a bit of both?

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