Moving woes

You know you're in the middle of a move when you wake up at 6:30 and can't find the dog leash. Giving up, you continue to get ready for work. Then, when you're about to get on your bike, you realize the lock is MIA. While looking for said bike lock, you locate the stupid dog leash (of course the dog has already been out) but of course now the bike lock has disappeared into the black hole of boxes and stray clothes and you end up driving instead.

I cannot wait to have this house unpacked! But, at least it is Friday so I can work late tonight unpacking and have most of the weekend to work as well, save for a few wedding errands. Hopefully by Sunday most of our belongings are in their proper places- fingers crossed.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! I'll be back next week with some house and wedding updates- maybe even sooner if I can dig my way out from under all the boxes :)

Afternoon edit-- After all of that, I just found out my bike lock is in my sister's car from when she picked me up earlier this week... at least now I won't go crazy digging through the garbage and recycling!

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