Bye bye Crazy Life Instagram posts!

Happy Monday readers!

My post today is more of a housekeeping note. You may remember back in May when I posted a poll asking readers to weigh in on whether they liked the new feature I had on the blog that automatically made a post out of my Instagram photos. While most of you wanted glimpses into Crazy Life (and I loved it too) I'm beginning to think it is a bit overwhelming to readers. I'm posting to Instagram a lot more these days, and especially with the move and the upcoming wedding, I'm sure I'll be posting even more.

That being said, I've disconnected the automatic uploading feature. I really want to keep the blog as a space where I interact with my readers, not just shove countless photos at you multiple times a day. While it is a great way to get content on my blog, I hate that whenever I post a photo, I have to worry if I'm overwhelming you all.

But don't worry, for those of you who still want to follow the Crazy Life photos, just make sure you're following me on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook since that's where all the photos will still be posted. You can find me here:

Or on Twitter @thecrazylifeofj

Or you can follow my direct Instagram feed, where I'm (shockingly) thecrazylifeofj

Thanks for hanging in there while I figured all of this out... sometimes lessons take a while!