Tune in to the Midwest Filofax Meetup!

As many of you already know, the Midwest Filofax Meetup is happening TOMORROW! Can you tell I'm a bit excited?

I believe we have about six Filo-fanatics coming, and I can't wait to meet everyone (and see Sandra again, even though we just saw each other at our mini-meetup a few weeks ago)! Here's a preview of our afternoon:

We'll be meeting in Oak Park, and starting with lunch at a cute little Italian cafe called Mancini's. I'm debating whether we'll be able to get through lunch before the Filo's come out! We've budgeted plenty of time here for Filofax oogling and sharing.

After that, we'll head to Paper Source, one of my favorite shops in the world. They don't carry Filofax, but they have stationery, stickers, and cute paper products galore. I'll definitely need to be restrained in here! Although I may need to stock up on some card making supplies (more on that in a later post). Then, we'll head to Fitzgerald's Fine Stationery, a shop I've never been to before. But they claim to have a decent Filofax section, so we'll see. I'm pretty sure I'll resist buying another binder, but I could definitely use some notepaper, so we'll see how bad the damages are!

I'm going to do my best to take plenty of photos, as well as update my Twitter feed. So, if you'd like to virtually attend, make sure to follow me at @thecrazylifeofj

Stay tuned for the post-meetup post with lots of photos!

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