Fun nails for a fun weekend

This is what happens when I can't sleep and am feeling overly creative...

Completely imperfect, but so much fun! I wanted something different, but have never been big on the traditional French manicure, so I decided to mix it up a bit.

I've used this color over my whole nail in the past (and my toes are currently this same pink) but on fingers it is just a bit too bright/Barbie for me. But thanks to my good friend Scotch Tape, this in your face pink made the perfect French manicure color :)

I'm pretty excited to debut my nails this weekend, which as always promises to be busy! Tonight, B and I are heading to a local blues fest to catch Kenny Wayne Shepherd, whose most popular song is probably this one (it's a Youtube video- be warned if you're at work!)

When we get home, I have to get started on 75 red velvet cupcakes I'm making for B's cousin's graduation party tomorrow. I'm kinda known as the baker in the family, but I was still very honored that he asked me to make these instead of buying a cake from a professional bakery :)

Tomorrow morning I have my second dress fitting- hopefully it won't be falling down anymore! Then I will head back home so I can frost the cupcakes before heading out to Enzo's graduation party! When B and I get home that night, we have to finish the designs on the invitations so we can have them printed to send out... it's going to be a long night.

On Sunday, we'll probably end up helping B's dad with kitchen and yard remodels since he is in a rush to get it done before the wedding. Which means a day full of digging, sanding, and installing. Which also means my fun new nails will probably be ruined by Sunday night. Oh well, they are fun for now!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend- does anyone have fun plans?

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