The does-it-all Malden

Most of you already know that I'm a bit of a Filofax oddball, in that I only own TWO Filofaxes. I started with my Slate Domino, and about six months later I purchased my personal Crimson Malden, where I've been happily ever since (for over a year now!). Yes, I'm temped by other binders, but never enough to splurge on one when the Malden suits my lifestyle so well.

Some of you may also know that the Malden is also sort of my wallet (or purse, for those of you across the pond). I say sort of because while I keep all of my cards, coupons, etc. in the Malden, I've never really carried cash or change. Instead, I use a simple little clutch...

This has always been annoying to me- if I need to pop into a store I must bring both items (if I have any cash, at least!) But, I never could get along with the tiny zip pocket in the Malden for coins, plus it is home to rogue paper clips and bandages. I thought about putting my Filofax zip lock envelope back in, but the zipper on the darn thing is so huge, plus I am already running terribly low on ring space.

Hmmm... running low on ring space. That brought me back to my back-and-forth love/hate relationship with my Franklin Covey Swingpad. I love the thing because it is simply so cool and convenient:

However, it takes up some serious ring real estate. I was finding myself not using it nearly as much as I originally did, instead opting for sticky notes or scrap paper. And when I did use it, I didn't even really use it- I just left it in its "tucked in" position which renders its awesomeness completely useless.

I got to thinking. Then, after seeing Sandra and Alison's awesome pocket Maldens at our recent meet up, I was really determined to make the full Malden-wallet happen. Since I have a bunch of Staples Rewards dollars built up, I stopped in this morning and grabbed these guys:

I liked that they didn't have the giant zipper sticking out like the Filofax brand ones do, instead they are basically a more durable Ziplock bag. I was a bit nervous about how well they'd keep the coins in, but so far so good!

The goal is to keep cash and coins in this pocket, but we'll see how bulky it gets. I usually don't carry very much cash on me, but if it gets to be too crowded I can easily slip bills in one of the front pockets instead. I haven't had any real life tests yet, but it seems like the coins will also be pretty easy to access when at the checkout line.

I also am totally loving how it lays relatively flat in the Malden since the zipper is pretty much flush with the rest of the envelope.

It's hard to tell from the photos, but I placed this new addition in the front of my binder right behind my top opening envelope with all of my nerdy sentimental keepsakes in it. I also put the zipper to the left, as it somehow seemed to flow better (even though I'm right handed). 

So, the Swingpad has been booted in favor of making my Malden an even more useful item in my daily life. We'll see how long it lasts, but right now I'm loving it. Plus, even though I originally got rid of my notepad in the back slot because that's where I keep all my stickers, I realized today that a notepad still fits, I just keep the stickers behind it. A win-win, I'd say.

Well, that's what's going on in my nerdy little corner of the internet. Filo users- do any of you use your personal binder as a wallet/purse? If so, where do you store cash and coin? You know I'll keep you updated as to how this little experiment works out :)

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