Oh, how green grass and leaves can complete a vision!

Hello, readers! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. My weekend was full of remembering the fallen soldiers in my life, sorting through and packing my mom's things (more on that in another post), and driving to Indiana to spend a day with good friends. Somewhere in the midst of all that insanity, Brian and I were able to sneak away and visit our ceremony site at St. James Farm.

St. James is only open June through November, but they opened the preserve on Saturday as a part of their Family Field Day celebrations. When we first heard about the farm, we drove over to take a look (we didn't know then that they weren't open in the winter)! I snagged a few pictures through the fence, and even with snow on the ground and leaf-less trees, we could tell it was a beautiful place.

Of course, when we went back a few weeks later to meet the groundskeeper to tour farm and book our date, there was a foot of snow on the ground! I was so cold I didn't even get any pictures that day. The farm was beautiful, but it was a bit difficult to see the full potential of how our ceremony would look.

Fast-forward to this weekend. Absolutely beautiful! I honestly almost teared up when we saw the spot where we will get married- it is absolutely stunning.

It's also pretty hard to determine how wide or long that pathway is- it is huge! Maybe this will give you a better idea:

Yep, that's us, looking like tiny specks. And we're only about a third of the way down. We definitely won't be using the entire aisle- we'll probably set up the alter right about where we are standing and allow the rest of the pathway to be a beautiful backdrop. Between Brian's grandparents and my 4.25 inch heels, we definitely don't want too long of a walk to the "I do."

I'm super excited that we were able to check out the space, and even more excited that we will be married in this exact spot in just over three months. I can't believe how fast time has gone. We have so much done and so much more to do- stay tuned for some posts on wedding invites and flowers!

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