Five more months until "I do"

For us, yesterday wasn't just about the Easter Bunny, too many desserts, and that annoying Easter basket grass. April 8 also meant that we are literally FIVE months away from our wedding! I have to admit, I am breathing a few sighs of relief- initially I somehow thought that we were only four months away. Cue some major panic attacks until I redid that math!

Alas, we have just under five months to go until the big day. While I'm feeling pretty confident about all of our planning, I need to kick Brian's butt into planning gear for the rest of this spring/summer. You see, he is under the impression that we can just plan one thing at a time and it will somehow all get done. I, on the other hand, realize that we have nearly as many to-dos as we have days to the wedding. Boys. Although I can't entirely blame him- we've both been so busy we have barely had time to see each other let alone discuss wedding deets.

Instead of deluging you with my mile-long list of wedding tasks, I'll just share a few that are on our immediate radar. Hopefully once we have these taken care of we can focus on some of the smaller, more intimate details.
Whew! Just these four things make it seem like a lot. Fortunately, they represent the majority of the BIG to-dos we have left on our list. Obviously there are many more important things to check off, like buy rings, get our marriage license, etc. but the four above seem like the most daunting. Once these are checked off, I'll feel completely comfortable plugging along on the rest of the list. Because I can't wait to get to the to-dos like "make handmade mason jar chandeliers" and "order candy for the vintage candy table." I have so many fun, creative touches to craft that I can't wait to share with you! Which I promise to do as soon as we tackle some of these monsters so I can get to them. 

So, married readers, what was the most fun/daunting/time-consuming part of your wedding planning? And my unmarried readers, what are you the most excited about when it comes to planning your future big day?

As always, I'll keep you up-to-date on all wedding planning details here, and on the wedding page!