Wow! I don't know how I let a whole week slip by without a single post! Shame on me. Well, somewhere in that week I started running again, had a bunch of work meetings, turned 25, waited patiently while Frankie had a dental cleaning, worked on save-the-date ideas, ran errands, had a quiet night with B, and drove to another state for a Superbowl party. Whew.

So now my lack of posts makes a bit more sense. Although it is really no excuse, especially since blogging is one of those things that actually relaxes me and makes me happy. Funny how those things are the first to slip by the wayside during insane weeks. This week doesn't look much better: a slew of work deadlines, a birthday party, a concert on Saturday night, and dress shopping on Sunday. I'm just glad that most of the items on my calendar this week are things I'm very excited about.

Regardless of my crazy schedule, I'm happy to report that I have quite a few post ideas coming up. So get ready for a fun guest post, details on how we're finalizing our save-the-dates, and a few new Things I Love. Oh, and I may even toss in the first Crazy Life Designs sticker giveaway, so stay tuned!

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