Another wedding steal

Oh, the deals! A few days ago, I shared our amazing Christmas light find with you, and now I've got another one! This one sneaked up on me unexpectedly, which makes it even better. On Sunday, B and I went downtown so he could spend a gift certificate he received to a local tobacco shop. No, he doesn't smoke cigarettes (I'd kill him) but he does enjoy the occasional cigar. Since my sinuses were already on fire (I've been battling a sinus infection) I decided to opt out of the smoke filled shop and instead headed to one of my favorite little stationary shops, Paper Source.

Upon entering, I was immediately drawn to a big sign that said CLEARANCE. My kind of section. While browsing, I saw these:

Now, we don't even have our guest list finalized let alone having thought about what type of seating cards we wanted to use. While I couldn't help but think I was jumping the gun, I also couldn't help but notice that there were just barely enough for our guest count AND that they were in one of our wedding colors. I mean, come on... does it get any more obvious. Plus, the price was perfect. This shop is definitely a bit more on the pricey side, so I was a bit worried. But these guys were in a ten-pack for $1.95, marked down to $.98 each! So I grabbed 15 packs (we're estimating about 150 guests) and headed for the register. After a final price of $15.77 with tax (a savings of $14.55) I headed on my way.

I'm a bit worried that these guys won't fit in with the final concept we end up with, but I knew that if I left them behind and didn't find something I liked nearly as much, I'd be kicking myself. Plus, at a $15 investment, they certainly didn't break the bank. Worst case scenario, I'm sure I can find someone to buy them if we decide to go another route.

But for now I'm in love! And I'm on the hunt for some super cheap business card envelopes, since I think these would be adorable tucked inside and then clipped to twine wrapped around a tree or staked in the ground. Since we opted for a backyard wedding instead of a fancy reception hall, I want to be sure that there are little surprising details that make it very much "us."

Speaking of making it completely unique, B and I are headed out later today to check out a local farm that is available for wedding ceremonies. While we are having the reception in his parent's backyard, we are still ceremony venue-less. Hopefully this place will knock our socks off, completing our farm/backyard wedding dream! Although I'm a bit worried about missing its full potential with all the snow on the ground- good thing we're creative. Whether it's a ceremony dream location or a total disaster, you know I'll keep you updated!