Crochet Creations: Brian's new hat!

It's no secret that Brian has a huge noggin. So much so that when I look at his baby pictures, I wonder how he didn't tip over! Ok, that's a bit harsh- he claims that his big cranium houses an even bigger brain. I beg to differ.

Regardless, he has trouble finding hats. Now, his head isn't as big as I am making it out to be- I think he is just picky. Most winter hats don't come down low enough to keep his ears warm, yet he refuses to wear the "nerdy" hats with ear flaps. Luckily he has a fiance who can improvise and make him a custom cap!

His requirements were simple: no frills, no poof balls (sadly), a basic color, and something long enough so he could fold it up and still keep the hat well below his ears. Suddenly Mr. Thinks Crocheting Makes Me Look Like a Grandma (which it does) is placing custom orders! He's lucky that I love him, and that he can still pull the ring card!

So, I got to work. Since he wouldn't let me go out and buy new yarn, I had to dig through my probably-already-over the top yarn stash. I ended up going with Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in the color Oatmeal. Kinda rugged, definitely warm, and definitely Brian. I would have liked to use a darker color for him, but since he banned the purchase of new yarn, it would have to do!

Unfortunately, I kinda forgot to take too many pictures along the way, but I did get this hysterical shot before I stitched the top together... three guesses on what we thought he looked like! I'd say it "out loud" but let's keep this space PG-13!

But, it looked a lot better when I finished the top. Of course, being the photographer that he is, he wouldn't let me take any pictures with is face in them, even though I'm all over his blog. Le sigh...

Even so, he probably won't ever wear it like this- he thinks it looks weird. So, true to his boring self, it will usually be worn like this:

Or, if it is really cold, he realized he can fold up the bottom twice, providing twice the warmth around his ears.

The top was the only tricky part, since he didn't want it all bunched up. I solved the problem with a few Sc2tog in crochet-speak.

I was a bit worried at first about the holes in the top, but since this is 100% wool I think it might be good to have some, er, ventilation. I don't want him melting while out on the job!

So, we'll see how it holds up. He's going to wear it for a few days so we can see if anything needs to be changed. If it isn't warm enough for some reason, I'll probably by some thin fleece or flannel to sew a liner inside. But since I'm better with a hook than with a needle, I hope that doesn't happen!

Now that his project is done, I'm back to working on the project I started before he bugged me incessantly for a hat. This time it is for me- a super comfy and warm cowl that will hopefully get me through a whole winter of commuting (more on that later). Maybe I'll throw up a picture or two of the work in progress! Hmmm, maybe that's an idea for a new blog section...

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