Things i like: the Bobble water bottle

I drink a lot of water. I'm talking in the range of 75 ounces a day. And while I haven't always been this good about reaching my ideal daily water intake, I've found something that has helped tremendously. Meet the Bobble water bottle...

Goofy looking little guy, isn't he? Now, much like my addiction to collecting all things stationery, I tend to crave new water bottles on a relatively constant basis. I don't know why, I just always need something new to inspire me to drink more water. The problem is, the water at my office sucks, and I HATE spending money on store-bought water bottles only to see them end up in a landfill.

So, as usual, I started researching. And I found my Bobble, which I must say is pretty awesome.

The difference from the Bobble to most other water bottles is that it has a filter inside. Now, as they say on their website, the Bobble will not make unsafe drinking water safe to drink. But as skeptical as I was, it totally took the funk right out of my normally crappy office drinking fountain!

Plus, I found the Bobble on sale at Target, where I purchased the 18.5 ounce bottle with it's first filter for $9.99. The filters, which need to be replaced every two months or 40 gallons, run around $7 each, depending on where you shop.

But the best part, other than drinkable water? The Bobble itself is completely clear- the filters are the only thing that has color. So, when you replace your filter, you can pick a new color and virtually have a different water bottle every couple of months! Totally satisfying for those of us who crave change for no apparent reason at all (even when our system is perfect).

As far as leaking goes, I haven't noticed any big problems. I toss it in my bag with the cap closed and the little plastic topper that comes with it securely on and my bag hasn't gotten a drop in it. Mind you, I am a bit cautious about this, so I always make sure I put it in my bag upright so it isn't sloshing around. And I always take it out of my bag at home, at work, and it's always in my cup holder when driving. I did read some reviews that talked about the bottle creasing or cracking when trying to drink from it, but I've had no issues. I think you'd have to squeeze pretty darn hard to damage the plastic. It doesn't look very strong, but it has certainly held up to my not-so-dainty lifestyle.

All in all, the Bobble has without a doubt increased the amount of water I drink each day. Plus, I am no longer skeptical of filling up at any drinking fountain I come across- it really did take the icky taste out of my office's water.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go fill my second bottle of the day!

P.s. As always, I did not receive any type of compensation for this post. I simply share products that I find useful, fun, or creative with my readers.

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