Recipe of the Week: root beer pulled pork

Yep, you read that right! This ROTW may seem a bit unconventional, but I promise that it's delicious!

Here's what you'll need:

Here's what you need to do:

1. Cut the pork loin in half. Trim off the majority of fat (most fat is usually found on one side). Season GENEROUSLY with your dry rub of choice. Remember, you are cooking the pork in a sweet soda- you may want to go bolder on the seasonings than you normally would.

2. Put the halves into the slow cooker and pour root beer over pork until almost covered. Set the cooker for 10 hours on low.

3. After 9 or so hours, CAREFULLY use tongs/a spatula to remove the cooked pork. It went in as two pieces, but I guarantee it will come out in many more- it's so tender it falls apart! Put the pork on a cutting board and use a fork to shred.

4. After shredding (or ask someone to do this while you're shredding) dump the remaining root beer out of the Crock Pot. Then, return the pork to the pot and add your favorite BBQ sauce. My favorite is Jack Daniel's Original No. 7. Put the pot back onto a 'keep warm' or low setting, and let it come back up to temperature. Then, enjoy!

Like many of my favorite recipes, this can be used in so many different leftovers! My favorites so far are using it on pizza, and last night's dinner- pulled pork nachos!


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