Well, this is my 150th post! I have mixed emotions about it- part of me is amazed I've written so much, but another part feels like I've been writing this blog for so long, that a mere 150 posts just doesn't seem possible. While the blog originally started out as JBHousehunt and featured the horror stories of our attempted home buying experience, it quickly turned into a space where I have shared my thoughts, ideas, and life happenings.

You all have stuck around for my nerdy Filofax ramblings, hopefully learned a new recipe or two, and have witnessed my path toward happiness. And for that, I thank you.

I hope, as any writer does, that you will continue to stick around to read more about my never-ending quest for an organized life, and that you'll enjoy reading about the newest part of my crazy life: planning for my own wedding. I promise, I've got some new and exciting developments in that field to blog about soon!

Today also marks another milestone in my life- this time not a positive one. While I don't want to make this a depressing post, I cannot let today pass without sending a virtual shout out to my dad, wherever he may be. Today marks the 15 year anniversary of his death, and while it will never get any easier to realize he will not be a part of my future, I am so thankful I had him in my life for nine years. And I hope that if he were around, that he would be proud of the person I have become. I know I'm certainly proud to be his daughter. I just wish I got to know him more- it's funny how much more I miss him as an adult than I ever remember missing him as a kid. I love you, Dad!

So, readers, on this day of milestones, please do me a favor. Hug someone you love. Tell them you love them. And most importantly, remember the loved ones you can no longer hug with a smile.

And of course, thank you for being with me on this roller coaster that is my crazy life!

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