A decision and some time away

Don't worry- I won't be gone long! But tomorrow morning Brian and I are jumping on a plane and heading to Florida!

The trip started as a quick journey to celebrate his cousin's wedding, but since we have both been working our butts off and have been crazier than usual, we decided to take a whole week off to celebrate, relax, and visit with family. So we head out tomorrow morning and don't get back until next Tuesday! It's the longest vacation I can remember being on in a long time.

Although we will be pretty busy between visiting his grandparents, family, and the wedding, we are also hoping to take some time to relax (hopefully I can finish a book or two). I have never been to Florida, with the exception of a quick run for breakfast in southern Alabama where we just happened to cross the border, so I am pretty amped about warm weather, beaches and sand. Especially with the cold, rainy weather we've had here all last week. It's time to get away.

So, if you notice my absence here, or on Twitter or Facebook, you know why. I may pop up from time to time, but I'm really going to try to take this week as a technology break (minus the Kindle) so I can enjoy some down time. Unless I find something that I just have to share!

But, I couldn't leave you all hanging on my planner conundrum! Although I know quite a few of you are in on my final choice, I just had to share that my FRANKLIN COVEY order arrived on Friday!!!

Yep, I ended up with the Monticello Day Per Page, a la Zoe. She was just too persuasive about these inserts, and I have to say she is right! The paper quality is amazing, and I'll have plenty of organized space for next year. Don't worry, I'm definitely planning a post when I return detailing my purchases and how they'll be used in the New Year. I'm just bummed I have to wait so long! But I also nabbed a swing pad and a great pocketed page marker, so I definitely have some goodies to use before the holidays roll around. Thanks to every one for putting up with my indecisiveness... at least I agreed with the poll vote this time around!

So, lovely readers, please have a wonderful week and I will see you when I return!

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