A call for ideas

Happy almost-Friday, wonderful readers! I hope you have all had a very productive week.

Today I'd like to reach out to you all for a bit of help. Like many bloggers out there, including the wonderful Caribbean Princess, I consider myself a nicheless blogger- that is to say I don't blog about one specific topic, cause, or idea. While I love the freedom this allows me, I also want to make sure that my readers enjoy what they come here to read. I can assume this is so by comments and tracking reports, but since I love having a connection to my audience I'd really like for YOU to tell me what you'd like to read about here on thecrazylifeofj.

As you may know I frequently blog about my Filofax, Things I Like, and that I recently started a Recipe of the Week column. Some of you may even know that before I became thecrazylifeofj, I blogged on jbhousehunt, where I shared the insanity of our recent (and failed) house buying experience. And now that I am getting into the planning of my very own wedding, you can be sure to see posts pop up here and there about the organization, planning, and other bits and bobs that go with getting married.

But what else would you like to see? Do you have any ideas or requests for single posts, or maybe a new series? I have written a few posts on happiness, and also a few on losing my Mom, but I'm not sure if you all find those helpful or interesting. I've considered doing a post or a small series of posts on loss, but I also don't want to bore you all to death. Sadistic humor intended.

My crazy personality aside, I would really love to hear your thoughts. So if you have an idea for a post or series, would you leave it in the comments? If you'd rather your idea remain anonymous, please feel free to email me at jmglvr[at]gmail[dot]com and put 'thecrazylifeofj' in the subject line.

Thank you, lovelies!